September 27 - 30, 2021

Here you will find the full program as it gets connfirmed by our partners and collaboraters. Further down you will be able to read a description of what the main activities include each day. Changes and updates will occur.


September 27 - 30, 2021

MONDAY September 27

Network/Social Day

  • Hotel Industry Analytics & Simulated Revenue Management Workshop (UCN Campus)

  • Deans and Directors Workshop (UCN Campus)

  • Social activity trip 

  • EuroCHRIE menu dinner (Aalborg City)

TUESDAY September 28

Professional Development Day

  • Opening ceremony (UCN Campus)

  • Inspirational speaker (UCN Campus)

  • Practical, Educational & Research Workshops (Tech College and UCN Campus)

  • Welcome reception (Utzon Center)

WEDNESDAY September 29

Academic / Educational

  • Inspirational speaker (Comwell Hotel)

  • Concurrent sessions (Comwell Hotel)

  • Lecturer's Lounge/Symposium (Comwell Hotel)

  • 'Fyraftensbajer' (thank you for today beer)

  • Northern Street Food Night (UCN Campus)

THURSDAY September 30

Academic / Educational

  • Inspirational speaker (Comwell Hotel)

  • Concurrent sessions (Comwell Hotel)

  • 'Fyraftensbajer' (thank you for today beer)

  • Danish Høstfest/Gala Dinner (Voergaard Castle)