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Work with Nordic Food, Co-Creation, Hotel Analytics and Simulations

Join fellow educators and together focus on the professional development of teaching track faculty (teaching professors, lecturers, instructors). This session fills a crucial need as many departments have limited experience on how to mentor, evaluate, and promote new ways of teaching and learning suited for new generations of students.




In collaboration with Institut Paul Bocuse Lyon and Food Tech College Aalborg we are proud to announce 3 practical insights workshops within the overall theme “"The best way to predict the future is to create it" focusing on the United Nations sustainable development Goals.

“Multidisciplinary culinary workshop focused on valorising Nordic Ingredient Biodiversity”.

Chefs from Institut Paul Bocuse Research Center Lyon and Food Tech College Aalborg will facilitate this 6 hour workshop focusing on the innovative Nordic cuisine with a touch of French elegance.

Nordic Food

Trends show that consumers reduce their daily meat and fish consumption. They are in search for exquisite culinary experiences when it comes to animal products. The main objective of this workshop is to find ways to valorise underused fishes and meat pieces produces in Denmark.

The participants will join their knowledge and creativity in order to highlight the sensorial characteristics for 2 underused fishes and 2 underused meat pieces in the form of cocktail bites for all participants.


Price: 1,795 DKR



Women in Workshop


The workshop process is designed on the basis of the same principles of reflective practice-based learning that constitute the content of the workshop. This gives the participants the opportunity to experience how our institutional learning philosophy permeates our activities and inform our teaching practice, here at University College of Northern Jutland.

In the design of the workshop we thus focus on activating the participants and on sharing experiences from different parts of the world. We will be including elements of disturbance, encouraging exploration, and we will supply good and specific examples from UCN. We will facilitate both sharing, collaboration and dialogue in order to create a valuable learning environment for all participant and we will make sure that every single one leaves with at least one new exercise to easily implement at home.

During the workshop we will introduce the concept of co-creation and it’s roles and significance in our institution. We will focus on how the method creates both short and long term value in the educational processes and agendas of our institution and how it relates to our institutional learning approach, and to the skill needs of the workplaces, we educate for. In collaboration with participants we zoom in on, what defines the role of the facilitator in co-creation processes, and how it differs from more traditional teaching.

The workshop facilitator has been part of the Co-creation project at UCN for 3 years and have experience with a lot of different takes on teaching based on Co-Creation.

As a participant, you will benefit from a combination of information, theory and examples of how we work with co-creation, and we expect you to be ready to engage in both discussion and exploration of perspectives, experiences and potential of the approach. We promise that you will leave the workshop with new positive relations and with a new perspective on teaching.


Business Meeting


This Workshop will focus on the skills that lead to effective research such as the work life balance and by maximising your research relationships in order to achieve your research potential.




During the EUROCHRIE2021 conference we invite delegates participate in this very important workshop on the impact that COVID-19 has had on the hotel industry on a regional, national, and international scale. STR will present all their collected data (and partner’s data) and show the real picture behind the impacts of the pandemic we are currently in. The workshop covers the picture of the shock European Hoteliers experienced in 2020-2021, but more important tracks the development of the situation over the past 1-2 years.

This workshop is especially important and interesting for people who work directly in the hotel industry, industry consultants, and academic researchers who follows he continuously changing situation that the hotel industry are facing.

By having a clear insight into the regional and international change in key point indicators, you are better prepared on how to react to the challenging future in the re-opening phases and recovery period of the hotel industry.


It will be possible to follow this session both online and in attendance at the EuroCHRIE2021 conference. Furthermore, you will be able to meet representatives from STR online and in person.  

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We are all going through an unknown and challenging time due to Covid-19. This requires new ideas and tools in management in relation to resources, new didactics and similar. In order to cope with these challenges, management is required to come up with, in some cases, drastically changes – so why not get together, share and develop new tools and products that can support and secure our future development at our institutions?

As a part of the EuroCHRIE 2020 conference Deans and Directors are invited to join a “working” workshop focusing on experiences, issues, challenges, and opportunities related to Covid-19 in an educational and industry context.

The aim of the workshop is to discuss, evaluate, develop ideas and tools that can support the tourism and hospitality institutions. The workshop will focus on the following topics: Resources, Social Relations, Future Students, New Didactics and other topics that the participants finds relevant.

The output of the workshop will be a central part of the upcoming workshops within the area of Educational Workshops, Practical Workshops and Research Workshops. Furthermore, “products” and tools should be developed in order to implement these after the conference directly at the institutions.

During the workshop you will be inspired by two speakers, who will deliver input regarding educational management and present cases about challenges, opportunities, needs etc. within the business perspective. The speakers will be presented later.

The workshop is included in the conference fee.

Monday October 5th, 10.00 am – 17.00 pm at UCN Campus.

More information will be provided later on the webpage.

Please do not hesitate to contact Birgitte Jørgensen for further information at