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June 18, 2021

COVID-19 update - June 2021

Denmark and Aalborg is open!


Denmark remains open and is removing most restrictions. Face masks are no longer a requirement, bars and restaurants can have guests longer and with less restrictions imposed on them. The COVID-19 passport remains a requirement for most social activities. It has been made official that all restrictions should be lifted on September 1st at the latest.


This is great news, meaning that EuroCHRIE2021 can take place with no restrictions imposed – we will however ensure the safety of any delegates and will release more information on which measures will be taken to ensure the safety of everyone shortly.


Free mobility for any vaccinated or newly tested foreigners are still expected though the vaccination must be approved by the EU. All travelers from EU/Schengen countries have unconditional access to Denmark, and travelers from other countries such as countries from outside EU/Schengen can access Denmark with a valid COVID-19 passport or a negative test. Read more and get an overview here:


Denmark still utilizes a test and trace strategy, conducting between 200-350,000 tests every day. The situation is under control in Denmark, as seen in the decline of positive tests and hospitalizations. 330 people have tested positive a day on average the last 7 days and 137 people are currently hospitalized with COVID-19.


If you wish to learn more about the restrictions in place or the current impact of COVID-19 in Denmark at any time, visit the Danish Police or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs using the links below or contact the conference committee.


Remember to sign up either for online participation in Aalborg or virtually here: Please notice our refund policies - you are able to cancel your registration and get a full refund (potential transaction fees not included) until August 25, 2021. There will be no refunds after that date.

May 20, 2021

COVID-19 update - May 2021

Denmark is opening again

A full reopening of society is set to begin on Monday the 24th of May, with only minor restrictions such as those imposed on nightlife set to remain in place. The COVID-19 passport documenting either a negative test or a full vaccination remains a requirement for participation in most parts of society and this requirement is expected to remain in place until the vaccination schedule has been completed in early August.


The expectation of free mobility for vaccinated foreigners has not changed since the last update though it is required that the vaccine used is approved by the EU.


The Danish strategy for combating COVID-19 remains the same, with focus on testing and tracing. More than 160.000 tests have been conducted everyday for the last 7 days.


The situation in Denmark remains under control and the slight rise in positive tests that have been seen lately is to be expected as activity in the society increases.


If you wish to learn more about the restrictions in place or the current impact of COVID-19 in Denmark at any time, visit the Danish Police or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs using the links below or contact the conference committee.

April 27, 2021

COVID-19 update - April 2021

Denmark has left lockdown. A COVID-19 passport has been put into effect, being a requirement to participate in most parts of society. The passport is proof of either vaccination, an overcome infection or a negative test taken within 72 hours. Along with the introduction of the passport, bars, restaurants, sports activities, schools and more has been allowed to re-open, though with limited capacity and imposed restrictions still.


The vaccination schedule has been pushed back a month because of the Astra Zeneca vaccine being deemed unfit for use in Denmark. Full vaccination of the population is now expected to be completed by the middle of August.


While the reopening is underway, the chairman of the EU commission expects that vaccinated foreigners will be allowed free mobility this summer, if the vaccination has been completed using one of the vaccines approved by the EU. This also includes non-EU citizens, such as travellers from the Americas, Australia, Africa etc.


The Danish Governments continued focus on testing is still in place, with more than 150,000 PCR-tests being conducted every day and even more antibody tests etc. the total amount of tests conducted, including both PCR and antibody tests now exceed 35 million.


Want to learn more about the restrictions in place or the current impact of COVID-19 on Denmark at any time? Visit the Danish Police or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs using the links below or contact the conference committee.

March 30, 2021

COVID-19 Update

It is time for a new COVID-19 update – As the conference moves closer, these updates will come with every major development in Denmark with regards to COVID-19.


Denmark is leaving lockdown on the 6th of May 2021 for the first time since Christmas. This has led to a very low number of infected for the past months, meanwhile the vaccine rollout began in late December and have continued since then.

While Denmark have been in lockdown for so long to mitigate the risks of a third wave coming, it is still a possibility. Though the warmer weather and increasing number of vaccinating should also contribute greatly to further mitigating the risks.

The Danish Government have established a timetable for the vaccine rollout, estimating that everyone who wants to be vaccinated in Denmark will be vaccinated by the end of July and thus leading to a very positive outlook for EuroCHRIE2021.

It is to be expected that Denmark will return to normal in the late summer, though certain travel restrictions such as proof of vaccination or negative tests upon entry are to be expected.


Read more about the situation and restrictions in place at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Denmark or with the Danish Police on the following links:

March 25, 2021

Extraordinary Extended Deadline EuroCHRIE2021 April 26, 2021

Due to the optimism created by the successful vaccine programs around the globe, it is now possible to start your travel planning for last half of 2021. Due to this we have seen a great interest in submitting contributions to the EuroCHRIE2021 conference. We would like to make it possible for people to submit their work and have decided to extend the deadline for all submissions to April 26, 2021 (GMT+1).


Read more at:

Community spirit  

"If you want it visual check the time table through this link": 

Each year the Danish Language Council and the local P1 radio station choose one word to be named as the word of the year. "Samfundssind" is this year's choice, based on the challenging and hard times we all encountered this year in the presence of a global pandemic and full lockdown for months. This year's word has become the buzzword of the coronavirus crisis. It has been part of most Danish news and its use has increased from 23 times in February to 2855 in March.  


"Samfundssind" is defined as "putting the concern of society higher than one's own interests" and loosely translates as "community spirit" or "social mindness". Community is exactly how the Danish nation can be described. Ultimately, the sense of contributing to the society is instilled in the Danish culture and goes way back in the past. In fact, Denmark bears the honor of being the first European country to abolish slavery in 1792. Below we have collected some interesting facts about Denmark and their “Samfundsind” so you get a better picture of what kind of people they are, and where they come from.   


The first childcare institution in Denmark was opened in 1828 with the purpose for kids to socialize and develop. Several decades after that, the first high school was opened. As we all know, high school is perhaps the most important time in children’s lives for developing social skills and creating friendships that can last a lifetime. Schools with longer history teach through traditions about community and encourage students to always help each other. A few years later, the first after-school for younger kids was established with the aim to ensure kids have the place to be creative, play and socialize with other children.  


Back in 1911, a new initiative was born by creating the post-stamp (julemærke) to help children with tuberculosis. Stamps are still in use today and that shows the society’s union to contribute to a single cause without expectations to receive anything in return. This also shows the commitment to help, the empathy and compassion that lives inside of the society. Today the organization has five places where they continue to help children, who have problems such as overweight, bullying and general dissatisfaction.  


Another evidence for what is said is the experiment in 1996, when Readers Digest left intentionally 40 wallets on the streets in various locations in different countries. Only in Denmark and Norway all 40 wallets were returned unscathed.  


Community spirit is deeply rooted in Danish society. In fact, Danes do not spend their money on buying big houses and expensive cars, instead they spend it on socializing with friends. Part of their social activities is the passion for camping, making Denmark the country in Europe with the highest percentage of citizens who go camping.  


Around Christmas one can truly feel the spirit, being surrounded by the various initiatives, gatherings and charities. Every year in the first Friday of November at exactly 20:59, there is a give-away of Christmas beers organized by Tuborg where all citizens are gathering to have a friendly chat with friends and colleagues, relax after work with a beer in hand or party.  


Additionally, in the big shopping centers, you can always find charitable initiatives as for instance, wrapping and leaving presents – be it used or new toys and clothes – under the huge Christmas trees. This practice is all about giving happiness to children at a disadvantage.  


As you can see, Denmark has a long history of community spirit. And today, living in a world where a pandemic influences our everyday life, Danes took the lockdown positively and follow the restrictions with responsibility and thought towards the elderly people.  


An interesting fact is that the first speaker is a Danish invention by Peter L. Jensen - the reason today we enjoy concerts and public performances together. 

November 10, 2020

Status on EuroCHRIE2021, Aalborg (week 46)


While Covid-19 is still raging and cause shutdowns in Europe and Denmark we continue with the preparations for EuroCHRIE2021 in September next year in Aalborg. We really hope for better times for all our EuroCHRIE friends all over the world, and keep our fingers crossed so we can meet up in Aalborg next autumn.


The previous weeks in Denmark have been very challenging since the numbers of Covid-19 cases stay high and an identification of a new potential virus (from mink) have led to a lock down of some areas in Denmark, causing most institutions to move to full online teaching.


We will keep you informed about any important updates on Covid-19 in Denmark and Europe.


Check out the academic tracks and upload your research paper or poster here:


“We stand together – Stay safe!”


If you have any questions and/or concerns don´t hesitate to contact Conference Chair Birgitte Jørgensen

Link to the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (entry into Denmark):

Link to the Danish Health Authority (daily updates on Covid-19):

Link to the National Police (entry into Denmark):

September 7, 2020

EuroCHRIE conference in Aalborg 2020 postponed to September 2021


Due to the COVID-19 and the continued global travel restrictions and its various effects and the measures countries are taking to guarantee the safety of inhabitants, UCN in close collaboration with the EuroCHRIE board, has decided to postpone the Annual EuroCHRIE Conference 2020.


While all possible options, including hybrid forms, were explored to avoid postponement, COVID-19 travel regulations globally have presented a barrier for nearly all delegates to attend, and thus the joint decision has been taken to postpone the conference to September 27th – 30th in 2021, which will be held in Aalborg, Denmark.


EuroCHRIE is an important platform for networking, knowledge sharing, development and research. The annual conference is an important and sociable event, and we were truly hoping to meet fellow CHRIE members again in person after the difficult times. We were really looking forward to welcoming you and organizing this fantastic event and making it a great success and we certainly aim to make September 2021 memorable too. Furthermore, EuroCHRIE are developing new opportunities to stay in touch between now and September 2021 (more about this in a later communication).


Practical information regarding submission and registration:


If you have submitted a paper, poster and/or lecturer lounge we offer you the following three options about which you will receive further information in the next weeks:

1. Withdraw your paper, poster and/or lecturers lounge.

2. Present your paper, poster and/or lecturers lounge at EuroCHRIE2021 in September 2021.

3. Submit a new paper, poster or lectures lounge for EuroCHRIE2021


If you have registered for EuroCHRIE2020 you have the following four options (you will receive further information within the following weeks):

1. Keep your on-site registration for EuroCHRIE2021 in September 2021.

2. Convert your online registration into an on-site registration for EuroCHRIE2021 in September 2021 (notice – addition fee will be added)

3. Keep your online registration for the EuroCHRIE2021 in September 2021.

4. Cancel your registration (you will get a full refund except transaction fees).


See you in Aalborg in September 2021!


We hope and believe that the global situation will change for the better in 2021 so that we will get the chance to welcome and show you the best of Aalborg and Northern Denmark in September 2021 (27th to 30th).


We are aware that the postponement of the conference is associated with a number of challenges for all, but in collaboration with the EuroCHRIE Board, we unfortunately saw no other way than to make this change. We apologize for the inconvenience.


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact Conference Chair Birgitte Jørgensen at


We look forward to welcoming you all at the 37th EuroCHRIE conference 2021 in Aalborg!

August 26, 2020

Weekly update on Covid-19 in Denmark (week 35)


Weekly update on Covid-19 in Denmark (week 35)

During the past week, the rate of new cases has slowed down and are now looking stable. This is most likely due to the new registrations, like the facemask in public transport as well as the high focus from the government and media.

The amount of new cases has been 245 in the last 4 days, which is a decrease when looking back at last week. This is happening, even though the amounts of tests taken are still high. The new cases are mostly the younger people who are having a hard time not socializing in bigger groups.

In Aalborg there has been 23 new cases the last seven days, which is a decrease since last week.  


Remember! Registration for the conference is open – sign up here:


If you have any questions and/or concerns don´t hesitate to contact Conference Chair Birgitte Jørgensen


Link to the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (entry into Denmark):

Link to the Danish Health Authority (daily updates on Covid-19):

Link to the National Police (entry into Denmark):

August 19, 2020

Weekly update on Covid-19 in Denmark (week 34)

Greetings dear delegates, here are the weekly-update regarding the covid-19 situation in Denmark.

The Covid-19 numbers has been increasing over the last couple of weeks but has now started slowed down. This can be explained with the very quick response by the government as well as people’s knowledge and familiarity with the guidelines.

The last three days Denmark have 361 new confirmed cases, off which 2 has led to hospitalization. The total amount of people who are hospitalized has fallen to 18 from last week. The hotspots remain to be around Copenhagen and especially Aarhus, where most of the cases are confirmed.

Aalborg keep having a low amount of new cases, in the last seven days there has been 30. The increase in cases can be an effect of the big increase in tests done and taken over the last couple of weeks.

Remember! Registration for the conference is open – sign up here:

If you have any questions and/or concerns don´t hesitate to contact Conference Chair Birgitte Jørgensen


Link to the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (entry into Denmark):

Link to the Danish Health Authority (daily updates on Covid-19):

Link to the National Police (entry into Denmark):

August 14, 2020

Weekly update on Covid-19 in Denmark (week 33)


We continue to bring the latest and most important information about the Covid-19 situation in Denmark to keep you as a delegate updated and prepared for the conference in October.


We are still positive about the situation and believe that we will be able to carry out the conference, yet with some changes in the format and program as stated last week. More info will follow in the upcoming weeks.


During the last week, a lot has happened in Denmark. The government has postponed the re-opening due to an increase in Covid-19 numbers. However, the government will go far to NOT close the country.


The increase remains very low in Northern Jutland (Aalborg) and most of the recent cases has been in the capital Copenhagen and in Aarhus. There have totally been 230 new cases in the last 3 days and less than 20 people is hospitalized in total.


Remember! Registration for the conference is open – sign up here:


If you have any questions and/or concerns don’t hesitate to contact Conference Chair Birgitte Jørgensen


Link to the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (entry into Denmark):

Link to the Danish Health Authority (daily updates on Covid-19):

Link to the National Police (entry into Denmark):

August 6, 2020

Deans and Directors Workshop, Monday 5 October


We are all going through an unknown and challenging time due to Covid-19. This requires new ideas and tools in management in relation to resources, new didactics and similar. In order to cope with these challenges, management is required to come up with, in some cases, drastically changes – so why not get together, share and develop new tools and products that can support and secure our future development at our institutions?

As a part of the EuroCHRIE 2020 conference Deans and Directors are invited to join a “working” workshop focusing on experiences, issues, challenges, and opportunities related to Covid-19 in an educational and industry context.

The aim of the workshop is to discuss, evaluate, develop ideas and tools that can support the tourism and hospitality institutions. The workshop will focus on the following topics: Resources, Social Relations, Future Students, New Didactics and other topics that the participants finds relevant.

The output of the workshop will be a central part of the upcoming workshops within the area of Educational Workshops, Practical Workshops and Research Workshops. Furthermore, “products” and tools should be developed in order to implement these after the conference directly at the institutions.

During the workshop you will be inspired by two speakers, who will deliver input regarding educational management and present cases about challenges, opportunities, needs etc. within the business perspective. The speakers will be presented later.

The workshop is included in the conference fee.

Monday October 5th, 10.00 am – 17.00 pm at UCN Campus.

More information will be provided later on the webpage.

Please do not hesitate to contact Birgitte Jørgensen for further information at

August 6, 2020

Update on Covid-19 (week 32)

As we aspire to be as safe and secure as possible, we will keep you updated on the Covid-19 situation in Denmark with weekly updates. This will be based on information from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and from The Danish Health Authority.

The conference committee remains optimistic about the current Covid-19 situation in Denmark and continues moving forward with the planning and organizing of the conference. We keep in close contact with The Danish Health Authorities and The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The situation regarding Covid-19 in Denmark is still stable and in control. However, there have been 203 new cases the last 3 days primarily in Copenhagen and Aarhus. In Aalborg and the Northern region of Denmark there have only been approximately 20 new cases. The latest numbers also show that approximately 25 people are admitted to hospitals.  

Even though the numbers seem “low” the Danish authorities act on the slight increase and take all necessary precautions to limit the numbers. One of the initiatives is the requirement of wearing face masks in public transportation during rush hour in the more dens populated areas such as Copenhagen and Aarhus.


We will get back with an update next week. Stay safe!


If you have any questions and/or concerns don’t hesitate to contact Conference Chair Birgitte Jørgensen


Link to the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (entry into Denmark):

Link to the Danish Health Authority (daily updates on Covid-19):

Link to the National Police (entry into Denmark):

July 28, 2020

Update on EuroCHRIE2020, Covid-19 and hybrid conference

We as the conference committee and the EuroCHRIE board are looking forward to welcome you in Aalborg in October for the 37th EuroCHRIE conference. We are highly aware of the global uncertainty related to the Covid-19 pandemic and would like to share some important information about the upcoming conference.


As the Covid-19 situation in Denmark and Northern Europe is getting as close to normal as it can be in these in these times, we are confident that we can carry through a successful academic conference with an extensive focus on the safety and health of the delegates.


Covid-19 status in Denmark

The situation in Denmark is becoming more and more normal, and at this moment there is only 20 people admitted to hospitals, there have only been 109 new cases the last 3 days, 0-1 deaths per day and the total number of deaths is just above 600. Looking at Aalborg and the northern region of Denmark there is only 25 confirmed cases.

To make sure that you as delegates is updated on the local situation, we are in close contact with the Danish Health Authority and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs weekly to be updated on the latest changes in Denmark and globally. Based on their recommendations and restrictions we adapt the entire conference and the conference venue and take the highest precautions to make the conference safe for the delegates. In addition, the conference hotel is certified “Covid-19 Safe-to-visit” according to the national hotel organisation Horesta’s certification.


To make sure that you as conference delegate feel safe both before and during the conference, we will send out weekly updates on the Covid-19 situation in Denmark and the conference. We will keep you updated through direct mail, Facebook, LinkedIn and on the EuroCHRIE2020 webpage.


Online conference setup and New Early Bird deadline

Due to the Covid-19 situation worldwide, we have decided to extend the Early Bird Deadline to the 10th of September, to offer you the time to plan in these uncertain times. Furthermore, EuroCHRIE2020 will be the first hybrid CHRIE conference ever, offered both in a live format for those who are able to travel for the full conference experience, and in an limited online format for those who cannot travel due to national travel restrictions. Further information about the online setup will be presented next week.


We hope to see as many of you in Aalborg or online in October. Stay safe – and stand together apart!

Link to the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Link to the Danish Health Authority:

May 18, 2020

Let’s create the future of the hospitality and tourism industry together!


"The best way to predict the future is to create it" - the slogan of EuroCHRIE2020 has become more evident that we could ever imagine. The tourism and hospitality industry requires more than ever researchers and educators to develop and create new ideas, initiatives etc. to create the future of the entire industry.


We are looking forward to welcome you in Aalborg October 5-8, 2020 for a conference where we will have the opportunity to create the future of the industry that we all love.


Call for Papers for special Covid19 Track and Posters & Lecturer’s Lounge is still open, read more at:

April 24, 2020

Extended deadline for new Covid-19 track, and posters and lecturer’s lounge!

We are overwhelmed by the large number of papers, posters and lecturer’s lounge submitted before the deadline here in April. We hope to see and welcome all of you in Aalborg in October.

  1. Due to the ongoing situation regarding Covid-19 we have rearranged the programme for paper presentations and added an additional special track regarding Covid-19 which offers you the opportunity to hand-in papers regarding (only) the special track “Covid-19” – deadline June 1, 2020 (GMT+1). 

  2. In addition, we have decided to extend the deadline for posters and lecturer's lounge in order to support research within online teaching and new didactics in Covid-19 times - deadline June 1, 2020 (GMT +1). 

Read more about the special track and lecturer’s lounge here: 

March 17, 2020

Important message regarding Covid19

We are all going through challenging times and we are facing a crisis we never thought possible. Right now, many of us are isolated in our homes, doing our best to help family members, friends, colleagues and students getting through these terrible times.

Our friends from ApacCHRIE have already been through this for a long time, while we in EuroCHRIE and the rest of the CHRIE familly just started facing the terrible consequences of the Covid19. We hope that you will remain safe and healthy, and together we can do what it takes to move our industry forward and overcome the untold consequences that we are currently facing.

We firmly believe that we are over this crisis when we open the doors to the EuroCHRIE2020 Conference in early October in Aalborg, Denmark. We as conference organizers hope that EuroCHRIE2020 will be the place where we can create new and innovative solutions together for the benefit of our industry. Even though universities and businesses are closed/closing we are still operating online and ready to receive questions, submissions etc. so don't hesitate to contact us.

Stay safe and let’s stand together apart!

March 9, 2020

EuroCHRIE2020 collaboration with Institut Paul Bocuse Lyon and Tech College Aalborg

UCN and EuroCHRIE2020 is proud to announce that we in collaboration with Institut Paul Bocuse Lyon and Food Tech College Aalborg will facilitate 3 Practical Insights Workshops within the overall theme "The best way to predict the future is to create it" focusing on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals - “Multidisciplinary culinary workshop focused on valorising Nordic Ingredient Biodiversity”.

The three workshops are within Nordic Food, Plant-based Food and Nordic Wine/Spirits. Chefs from Insitut Paul Bocuse Research Center Lyon and Food Tech College Aalborg will facilitate this 6 hour workshop focusing on the innovative Nordic cuisine with a touch of French elegance.

The guidelines of the workshop will be given aiming a ”Reflection of ways to valorise native Nordic ingredients following modern food trends using innovative cooking technics in order to create original sensorial experiences”.

Read more and sign up here.

March 3, 2020

New Submission Deadline

Extended Call for Papers, Posters, and Lecturer’s Lounge April 2, 2020, 23:59 (GMT+1).

We are very excited by the substantial number of submissions for the 37th EuroCHRIE conference in Aalborg, Denmark. We have received many contributions from all over the world which holds a promise for an astonishing global conference. Nevertheless, due to an extensive request the conference committee of EuroCHRIE2020 have decided to extend the submission deadline to the 2nd of April 2020, 23:59 (GMT+1) in order to maximise the opportunity for those who want to share the latest developments and/or research results across the range of tracks represented at EuroCHRIE2020. Please share this information with your colleagues where possible.


Submit your idea for Lecturer’s Lounge - The EuroCHRIE2020 Lecturer’s Lounge is where fellow educators on all levels will meet and share their experiences and ideas on new approaches to teaching and learning. Under two main tracks (UN Developmental Goals in Teaching/Learning and Innovative Didactics in Teaching/Learning) you have the opportunity to share and discuss your practical teaching methods. Furthermore, you will get inspiration to, how you can develop your own skillset and courses in a new way. Read more in the academic guidelines for Lecturers’ Lounge here.

If you have any queries regarding your submission, please email Academic Chair Dennis Grauslund at:

EuroCHRIE2020 looks forward to receiving and reviewing your submissions and welcome you in Aalborg October 5-8 2020.


Submit your paper, poster or lecturer's lounge here.

October 15, 2019

Welcome to EuroCHRIE2020 in Aalborg, Denmark

We are pleased to inform you that next year’s EuroCHRIE conference will be hosted by the happiest city in Europe, Aalborg, Denmark. Denmark is a place of happiness, joy and adventure. Our great little country is home to ‘’hygge’’, unique gastro experiences, modern architecture, historic castles and savage Vikings. But first we can’t wait to see you in Lyon for this year’s EuroCHRIE small group meetings 2019.

Please check our homepage on: