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Motivational keynotes 

Here you can find our inspirational speakers that will be present for the event. They have been invited because of their professionalisme and dedication to their work which goes well with the topics chosen for this conference. Each of them will have a different touch to development within their field, where sustainability and responsibility according to UN Development Goals are in focus.


Professor of Hospitality and Tourism

Alison's main research interests are in critical approaches to tourism and hospitality studies, with particular focus on issues of accessibility, social justice, ethics and advocacy, and community engagement. Alison has over 20 years of academic and consulting research experience. She has considerable experience in supervising and mentoring research students at the Masters and PhD levels. She currently also holds a Visiting Professor position at Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland. She Co-Founded and is Co-Editor of the international journal Hospitality and Society. She has published widely in leading international tourism and hospitality journals. Other research expertise includes cultural heritage management and sustainable tourism development; tourist experiences and wellbeing.

Alison holds current and previous Directorships of community organisations, and regularly engages in community work aligned to her research interests.

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Independent Travel Journalist and former Vice President of Communication at Lonely Planet

Best known for his work for Lonely Planet, Tom Hall is a well-known and respected expert voice on travel and tourism. Tom has spent the past few months writing and speaking on how travel and tourism can navigate the post-COVID world. He is a long-time contributor to dozens of publications including Lonely Planet’s annual Best in Travel book, the new Low Carbon Europe title and its long-running magazine. He also writes for The Guardian and many in-flight magazines and websites. Tom is a regular voice covering travel on CNN, BBC News, Sky News, BBC Radio 5 live and many other national and international broadcasters where he has given advice and context on issues affecting tourism from volcanic eruptions to economic crises.  Tom spoke at SXSW in 2019 on sustainable travel as part of Visit Denmark’s activity at the festival.

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Founder of Tings

In 2019 Thomas and Annette gathered their friends to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. The venue was Tings Lisbon - their hotel and latest venture in the Tings-platform they kicked off in 2009 - after more than 20 years in the corporate world. The Tings-project has taken them to Nepal, Myanmar and now Portugal - AND gives them the 'space' to exploit their common as well as individual skills, interests and experiences. 

“It’s scary how easy it is to get excuses for not doing things. Our friends listed a lot of problems - which we didn’t consider problems - when we told them about our Tings Project.


But we had both achieved what we wanted professionally and personally. And we still wanted to create, develop and achieve things - just in different ways”,  Annette explains. “As the proverb says: If you really want to fly, harness your passion. “


Thomas put it in a different way "It's on the thin ice you find the Drama - and I was bored. Contrary to our friends’ belief we didn’t stop our careers - we continued, just in a different direction. We have survived the Financial Crises, Earthquake & Maoists in Kathmandu and soon the Covid Pandemic. It will be interesting to see what impact it will have on people's travel behavior”.  


Today Annette & Thomas can add Chaos Management to their CV.  

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